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Web Citations to Support SEO for a Website

Citations are tools for local Web Design Success

Citations can be understood as links from other sites to yours but are a special kind of link. They are links from support sites, review sites, social media sites, blogs, or listing sites. Some of these can be bought, and all of them can be manipulated to your advantage. Yelp would be an example of a citation site. Different citation sites apply more directly to some industries.

Local search means so much more than a presence on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Bing. Encouraging customers to find your business means building a presence on local citation sites and directories, both general and niche to your business.

Green Cat Consulting can help you find the sites most appropriate for your unique business and point you in the right direction to the major citation sites, or we can do it all for you for just two hundred dollars one-time fee. The boost to your SEO will be worth tenfold that amount in the first year alone.

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