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Social Media is a necessary evil for business advertising in our time. On the one hand, it is free to post for a business on Facebook. However, as you well know, your time is never free. A part-time in-house employee can even be more expensive. The reality becomes that the best return on investment for a small or midsize company looking to boost their online sales or in-store sales or client base is to hire an outside social media professional. I use the term professional to mean a trained and currently knowledgeable company that is currently helping clients. I do not refer to a teenager in the coffee house who has some followers and seems hip.

If you believe that web sites don’t help your business, yours doesn’t work. The same is true for social media. If you believe you will not benefit from using social media to tell your story, then you have probably tried it and were doing it wrong.

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Why Trust Green Cat with your Social Media?

Green Cat Consulting advises the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce on Social Media best practices and helps them wrangle their in-house social media. We have taught classes in Social Media Management and would love to teach you how to do it for yourself or if you do not have the time, we can do it all for you. We have years of experience and can show examples of successful campaigns while providing you with the contact information for the owners of the companies who are thrilled with our work. Also – there is never a contract – you can take over anytime; in fact, we encourage it. Let us do it until you see the patterns and learn the tricks, then do it yourself. Cheers!

If you need Part or full-service Social Media Management

I will give you the prices first then explain what you can expect.

Partial Social Media Help – 200 monthly – 150 if you are our website client. You will receive a minimum of three themed posts per week and coaching (advice and direction) on posting for all the other days. (yes, you have to do it every day)

Complete Social Media Management Package – 300 monthly – 200 if you are our website client. This package includes a minimum of one post every day and planned campaigns and unique seasonal promotions. (does not include custom photography or video production)

We teach Social Media Management that Works

Social Media Content Creation and Placement

Telling your story through quality social media content is the crux of what we do. Content includes images, video, and verbiage, all in a small consumable package. There is no magic bullet when it comes to social media working for your business. It takes hard work, consistency, and a combination of many aspects, which I will briefly mention.

Strategy for Social Media Marketing

Should you always look before you leap? Absolutely. We will evaluate your current social media footprint and that of your competitors. After all, it is a competition for views, clients, and customers. We will certainly take the time to craft a thorough social media marketing plan that makes sense for your business in the context of your market.

Management of Social Media for Small Business

Usually, small to medium-sized businesses don’t have the knowledge or resources to manage their day-to-day social media efforts. A professional social media manager will know how and when to respond to comments to optimize quality branding standards. We will study analytics to ensure your posts improve over time and are posted in a timely fashion, meaning when your audience is most likely to be browsing.

Social Media Campaigns and Seasonal Social Media Posting

Your brand may be interested in a product launch, event, sale, or anything in between. We can help build a targeted, results-oriented campaign to maximize exposure or conversions. Event marketing on Social Media requires studied timing. We know when to post certain directed media types and optimize those posts to benefit your unique story or event.

Building Followers on Social Media

Well, that is the game now, isn’t it? The more followers you have, the more eyeballs will see your message. (and this saves ad budget) How to get more followers on Social Media is the subject of many college courses. We took one or two and learned that some practices are universal, but the proportion of effort was skewed. People were wasting a lot of time using contests that Facebook would downrank. Through years of practice, we have learned how to increase followers on social media organically. We can teach you or will be happy to do it for you.

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