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I need a logo for my business.

No one says things like that. They say, “How much is a new business logo going to cost me?” You can use a cute Font for your business logo, right? Then it’s free. Or you can do an online design from a stranger for five bucks. Sure, you can. Then a year or two into it, when you have to spend all that money over again to put a decent logo on your signage, vehicles, and business cards, you will hate it.

Do it right the first time. Invest in a professionally created Logo. We can do that for you. We listen to your ideas and color choices. We provide you with multiple choices from which you narrow down the field until you are happy with the design. Using a professional graphic designer has other advantages, like you will get the final logo in any format you choose. If you need a special PNG or JPEG, or TIF in the future for a special printing situation, we will provide it at no additional cost.

We are happy to provide you with examples of logos we have designed in the past. Each logo is a unique expression of the vision of a business owner, which is striving, through its branding, to tell its story. Our Professional Logo Design Service with future proof guarantee (meaning any format anytime you need it) is just two hundred dollars.

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