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I need a logo for my business.

No one says this by itself. “I need a logo for my business” is always followed by, “How much would it cost to get a new business logo for my company?” Your company name can be written in a fun font chosen by you for free. Done. Or, a stranger on the internet will charge you $5 for a (professional) design. Easy as falling off a log. However, spending all that money on new signs, truck wraps, and business cards in a year will irritate you. Business logo design is not something you want a teenager on the internet to do for you. So it’s best to work with a designer who will listen to your needs and create a new business logo you can be proud of for years. I am not dodging the question – logos start at three hundred dollars and top off at four hundred for headers, business card layouts, reverse color options, and transparent backgrounds for web service applications and social media use. This is a future-proof price – meaning if you need a new format for printing in the future, we are happy to accommodate you at no additional cost to you.

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Invest in a logo that was made by a professional. We will listen to the story of your business so that we can understand what you are trying to communicate. We try to make a business logo reflect your vision and give you many options from which you can choose until you find one you like. For example, when you hire a professional logo graphic designer, you can get the logo in any format you want. So the next time you need a special PNG, JPEG, or TIF to be printed on hats, t-shirts, cars, or billboards, we will ensure you have the correct file format at no additional cost – forever.

We are happy to show you some business logos we have made. Our strategy is simple, we listen to you and ask questions about your business and how and where the logo will be used. We understand that simplicity is best. Everyone remembers the apple logo or the Nike swoosh, but no one remembers Ted’s dry cleaning on fifth street down by the railroad tracks featuring all those words, his phone number, and a whole train in the logo with Ted himself driving the train. We also redo existing logs or add to a business’s collection of logos they may use for different branches or departments. So please send us an email using our form HERE. We would love to talk to you about your next quality business logo.

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