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Graphic Design Tyler, TX

We offer the highest quality graphic design services in East Texas through our resident Master Artist, Dace Kidd. Her European art education, combined with our American marketing experience, creates the perfect blend of the best graphic design skillset and current visual strategy to aid your business.

Visual communication has been around for thousands of years but, Graphic design as a digital marketing influencer began with the designs of the nineteen seventies and eighties. Who would not remember the IBM blue with horizontal lines symbol or the Nike swish or the Apple, well, apple? All of these are examples of communication through visual forms. Visual taste is unique to the individual but communicating through symbols has some professional guidelines on which we can agree. A legible, memorable design is our goal, whether it is a corporate logo or a flyer, or a website. We use typography, photography, graphics, and other visual forms to communicate your businesses’ unique vision.

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Graphic Design for Business

Graphic Design for business is a systematic way of answering how do I make my business memorable from a visual perspective? Or more simply, can you read it on a speeding van, and will you remember it when you see it again. We use the many elements of graphic design to optimize the user experience. Your branding will be clear and will not be forgotten. The starting point for graphic design for business is the ending point. It is your vision. We can guide you and create for you, but your unique vision will dictate how your logo looks.

Graphic Design for Websites

Imagine a website with no images or an entirely white billboard. There is no story and no communication of a visual story. Instead, we strive for the opposite. We will work with you to create the visual story of your brand so that the verbiage is not lost in a black and white field. Graphic design can be logos, charts, or graphs but often simply places angles or colors to direct attention.

Two Examples of Logos

Apple Logo - Two Examples of Logos - Green Cat Consulting


United States Seal - Two examples of logos - Green Cat Consulting

Imagine the Great Seal of the United States. It has a detailed eagle, wings out, holding arrows, and an olive branch. The eagle has a shield and a circle with thirteen stars above its head. It is complicated. Then imagine the Apple logo. It is an apple. Just an apple. Which one is more recognizable around the world? You quickly understand our logo design philosophy in Tyler or for anyone in the world. Make it simple and make it easily identifiable, so it becomes memorable.

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