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For the best ROI beyond a professional website, look no further than the old trusted Email Marketing. Yep, people still open and read Emails. Even if they are becoming the Fax machines of the digital communication world, if you are marketing to anyone over the age of twenty, email marketing is your best bang for the buck.

Creating and managing an email list can be a daunting task and can easily eat up hours each day, so why not outsource it? Green Cat Consulting can manage your email marketing and provide you with a proven successful local list of thousands of addresses. The price is determined by how often you wish to communicate and how big you need your list. Our strategy is to get you more leads, opens, clicks, and sales!

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Email opens on mobile devices continues to grow.

What are you doing about it? This year desktop will make up about 45% of all email opens, followed by mobile at around 35%, and all others making up the remaining 20%. Using a responsive email design tool is vital to make sure that your email looks great on any screen, and your recipients can read and act on your emails wherever they are.

We can set up a system for you, or we can decide on the kind of email campaigns you run, whether it’s a one-off campaign, a time-based email sequence, or information sharing campaigns.

Email Marketing allows you to plan your communication carefully to reflect your brand identity and stand out from other companies. The direct to consumer aspect of a well-designed email is its greatest strength. Upon opening it, you have the potential customer’s undivided attention.

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