Branding Your Business

Branding a business in Tyler, TX, or anywhere in the world is basically choosing which story to tell. It is a commitment to provide a unique experience. The persona of a company is more than just a Logo Design; it is a collective consciousness of the company’s mission.

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Websites should Reflect your Unique Brand

Green Cat Consulting is hyper-aware of the need for every business to tell their story. Your unique brand is the soul of your business. Website design that tells a story and communicates a mood can be a powerful tool to support your business. Website design centers on the understanding that educating the customer or client is essential to completing the sale. A quality website design accomplishes this goal.

Recognizing a Brand

We are Texans. We understand that a brand should be designed to be recognized at a gallop. A memorable brand is a statement of intent from every person associated with your company. When someone sees your logo, the thoughts generated from the recognition is your brand. Meaning, character, energy are all attributes we focus on when considering a brand, a logo, or a rebranding of a company.

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