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Green Cat Consulting creates affordable websites for every type of business. And everything we create is tailored to your specific requirements. We tailor almost every website that we make for each customer based on their specific requirements. The design process varies from one client to the next. The majority of the time, we find that each customer prefers to have a different level of input. Some prefer to supply me with a clear concept and guidelines of what they want, while others prefer for me to use my own creative imagination to produce a design. A few examples of websites that our clients enjoy are all that some clients want to offer us with, and I will develop something based on those examples.

The amount of influence you wish to have in the design process is completely up to you when working with us on a project. All of our designs are designed exclusively for you; if there is anything about them that you do not like, just let us know and we will make the required adjustments.

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