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Green Cat Consulting is a Tyler Web Design company offering local web design services to businesses of all sizes. We specialize in small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups, and smaller established businesses in East Texas. We have customers in other states because quality web design work translates easily to other markets.

Website design in Tyler, TX, is a competitive market full of businesses with lots of experts that do not understand this market. This is not Seattle, and this is not New York – the digital marketing that works in Tyler is unique to this area and is much less expensive than comparable markets like website design in Dallas, TX. Do not be fooled by giant companies that have no real connection to your business. Beware of the coffee house guru with no experience; we know what works, and the answer is different depending on your needs. Every site enlists custom web design because there is no company just like yours.

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Our Four Most Likely Tyler Web Design Clients


The DIY-er

Number one is they tried to do it themselves. Some of you reading this are still doing it yourself. You are telling yourself, websites don’t work, you don’t need a website to grow your business, website design is so twenty fifteen. Green Cat Consulting says, do not let your ignorance stand in the way of your company’s success. A website is a tool. Learn how to use it to your advantage and in conjunction with all the free advertising available to support your website.


Scammed & Forgotten

Number two, and this one hurts the most; they were taken advantage of by a company that did not care about their business or its success. They paid thousands of dollars upfront for a mediocre website that is out of date in a few months, and they have to pay for updates or even for someone to answer the phone. They fall prey to the smoke and mirrors of a sales pitch telling of other big clients. (Which have succeeded in spite of their marketing and not because of it.) I am so sorry this happened to you. Do not make the same mistake twice.


Cheaped Out

Number three, they had a friend, relative, a guy at the coffee house, a co-work dude, etc., build one for them for cheap, and they got what they paid for. Don’t go there. Custom Website Design in Tyler or anywhere in East TX is essential to every kind of business but be warned; one size fits all or “wrongly custom” websites will let you down.



Number four, the rare person who is has a great idea for starting a business with a good business website and a smart digital marketing plan and hears from a friend that they know us. We love these people. Call us and let us put you in touch with businesses we have helped in this way. We are not just web designers. Our services cover almost everything a start-up business in Tyler could ask for, from Branding through Logo Design and Consulting to do-it-yourself or full-service Social Media.


Looking for a Boost

Number five is complicated. (OK, I lied about there being four.) We discovered early on that there are many companies that like the website they have; however, they want to know how to get more out of it. We can help with that. We can make suggestions that your in-house web person can implement to help your site perform at its best. Web Site Consulting and Digital Marketing Consulting go hand in hand.

Known for Quality Website Design that Works

Contemporary designs with ultra-clean codes, we produce websites that are almost always faster than our competitors. Why would speed matter? Because Google thinks it matters. We follow the trends and nuances of what makes the great and powerful Google happy. It is good for business. We can make it good for your business.

Websites should Reflect your Unique Brand

Green Cat Consulting is hyper-aware of the need for every business to tell their story. Your unique brand is the soul of your business. Website design that tells a story and communicates a mood can be a powerful tool to support your business. Website design centers on the understanding that educating the customer or client is essential to completing the sale. A quality website design accomplishes this goal.

Websites that Rank High on Google Search Results

Ranking high organically in search engine results is the goal of most websites but not all. It can be achieved in many different ways, but the critical thing to ask yourself is this: is it worth the money to rank organically? Would this money be better spent on other forms of advertising? We can help by testing Google ad-words campaigns or Facebook ad campaigns. You have many options to be considered. We always consider your competition. Business is nothing if not a competition. We love to win.

Are you looking for a website designer in Tyler or East Texas?

As a locally owned (I am a fifth-generation Tylerite) and operated company since 2018 (yep, we are new to owning it ourselves but not new to doing the work), we work with businesses to design beautiful and functional sites. All sites are optimized for desktop and mobile responsive devices. Al sites are entirely custom because no two businesses are the same.

Digital Marketing in Tyler

We seldom advertise, but we love to teach other people how to. I know it sounds backward, but it is true. You will never see a billboard with a giant green cat on it or hear a radio ad telling you how great we are. We use simple web sites like this one and free social media (when we have time) to spread the word. How did you hear that we did web design in Tyler? Why are you still reading this? Click on something more interesting up top or call us to learn how we can help.

SO even if you have read this far and none of these categories fit you, then let us buy you a cup of coffee and talk about what is next for your company. You may be doing good but want to future proof, or you may need to check up on the company you hired. We can help discreetly.

Reliable Tyler Web Developer who answers the phone!

If you need a reliable Tyler Web Developer, then we would like to earn your business. No one takes customer service and fast response times more seriously than us. (We never charge to answer your questions.)

Our web development experts (there are just three of us, and really, one is just a genius graphic designer) are hands-on and easy to communicate with by phone, email, or in person. Our clients feed our families. We care about helping every one and know all of them and their businesses personally. Virtually all of our customers have already tried another company before they found us. They quickly appreciate the extra ingredient of service that we bring to the table.

What should a Website Cost in Tyler, TX?

Well, I will say this first, a heck of a lot less than websites in Dallas! Why? Because of competition. Not my competition, yours. And here is the first secret to making a website work for you. Make certain your site is cost-effective compared to your competition.

Example: there are two hundred registered AC repair companies in East Texas. Do you want to start one? Great. Do you want to rank organically on page one to generate business? It will cost you ten grand. But, as an alternative, we can build you a website for eight hundred plus your monthly maintenance fee (around 150-200), and you can buy Google Ads that put you at the top for a couple of hundred a month. The total ad cost the first way for the first six months is 10,500 and for the second, about 3000. Results – you will get more business from the ad campaign. (second choice) Money saved – over 7,000, which you can use to wrap your trucks or go to Aruba, where ever that is. Move the numbers around yourself – the point stands – we can help you be smart with your ad budget.

Giant tiny print – some websites are cheaper, and some are more expensive depending on what you want them to do for you. We have helped businesses become successful for as little as 250 to build and 150 monthly. Call us to find out what is best for your business.

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